DIS International


I would like to thank the support and suggestions I've received from Steve Elmer of HP and Jeff Law at the University of Utah while working on this port.

There has recently been some significant interest in these activities by a number of companies, including HP. It looks like the only C++ compiler that will be available on the 3000 will be the GNU tools. Please refer to the GNU General Public License for terms under which this will be available.


Ported Tools.

These tools can be found on HP's Jazz server. Detailed instructions can be found in on Jazz through here.


GNU Online Documentation.

Online documentation is available for the following:

U- == User Documentation.

I- == Internal Documentation.

UU GCC Documentation

II GCC Internal Documentation

UU GCC C Pre-processor

II GCC C Pre-processor Internals

II Autoconf Configuration Documentation

II Automake Configuration Documentation